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Our History and Experience

Domain-Plus International Limited, established in 2000, began as a small IT services provider offering software implementation and consulting. Over the years, the company expanded its services to include system integration, software development, network solutions, and comprehensive IT support. Known for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Domain-Plus quickly earned a reputation for high-quality, reliable technology solutions. Key milestones include expanding services in 2008, ...

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What Makes Us Unique

A major reason for our success has been our deep knowledge and understanding of each of the products we market in Nigeria, and as one of the Sage Certified Professionals in the country, we intend to nurture and maintain this professionalism and efficiency to the highest levels, by ensuring that as our customer, you will have access to all the expertise, market knowledge and resources you need for a successful system installation, as well as ongoing help when you need to upgrade or develop your software. We assist our clients to achieve significant improvements in operating performance via state-of the-art automation. Our unique structure consisting of over 15 seasoned and skillful solutions certified professionals/Consultants with real industry experience, assures our clients of the best services at all times. We offer outstanding customer service and our customer-centric approach is designed to engender customer loyalty, whilst at the same time setting us apart from our competitors. The quality of our products and services encourages recommendation by our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate our client’s businesses and organizational processes in order to help the customers we serve run their organizations/businesses more efficiently, helping them to gain greater insight into their organizational activities at the click of a button, and providing them with real and lasting benefits. With the benefit of local understanding and insight, we recommend and provide software, training and business services that are relevant, practical and useful for the demands of today’s SME and Enterprise business environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain the best example of a business solution and service-providing organization where services are provided to help organizations to effectively and efficiently manage and improve productivity and achieve sustainability and quality growth by the highest quality staff at all levels using technology solutions.

Our Values

Our core values is a total commitment to delivering innovation with passion and determination to provide solutions to enable efficiency an excellence. We are committed to embracing continuous improvement and driving change by engaging in collaboration and teamwork. Furthermore ourvalues of accountability, responsiveness, and reliability motivate and enable us to provide the highest level of customer service

Our Award

We are Registered Sage Business Partner (BP) and a Registered Acumatica BP, with Certified Consultants of proven and trusted track record who are poised to render professional customer services to our clients. Having in our collections, awards from Sage INC

Award Third Place

South Africa Award

Best Achiever Sage 300 ERP in 2014.

silver-status award

Silver Status Award

Solution Provider in 2014.

business achievement award

West Africa Award

Achievement of Business Partner in 2016.

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